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Media art and its forms

Modern society is closely related to the concept of “new media. The most succinct definition was offered by Professor Russell Neumann: “New media are a new format of media existence, permanently accessible on digital devices and involving the active participation of users in the creation and distribution of content”. Every year new media are actively introduced in different spheres and […]

Scanning the World: How to Digitize Art

The age of digital technology has posed the challenge of transferring the world around us into an electronic format. This is accomplished by scanning ancestral texts and images, by digitizing terrain for navigation, by transferring layouts for design, and even by scanning distant objects in our universe. Technologies designed to achieve this goal exist both in the form of expensive […]

Digital art or types of visual digital art

Digital art or digital art is a movement in art based on the use of computer technology. Authors of digital art willingly use computer programs and technology in the creative process, and the result are works in digital form. The sphere of digital art is in constant development. The possibilities of constantly updating graphic editors inspire artists to create more […]

How to draw metal in digital art

Finished drawing, and the knight’s armor doesn’t look like battle-worn iron? Does gold look more like copper? It might be worth practicing drawing (or 2D rendering) materials. Let’s see how other artists tackle these tasks. What is material rendering in 2D drawing and why is it needed? The term “rendering” came into the field of digital drawing from 3D modeling. […]

How to sell digital goods on Etsy – Handmade BIZ

Selling digital goods allows you to make money almost passively. I can’t say it’s 100% passive income, as you still need to spend some time creating the product, answering buyers’ questions, and posting new listings.  What is a digital commodity? A digital commodity is anything that is delivered electronically rather than physically. It can be vector illustrations, fonts, e-books or […]

How to protect digital art copyrights with the NFT

Non-transferable tokens (NFTs) have conquered the world and given impetus to a new generation of digital artists, many of whom have become internationally renowned millionaires. In addition to combating costly intermediaries, NFTs offer radical new ways to express themselves, attract fans, and spread the word. As NFT prices continue to break records and legitimate content rights holders enter the market, […]

How to master digital coloring techniques in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a very flexible program. You can use Photoshop to do many things, such as edit photos, create digital artwork, graphic design, the Internet, and even edit videos. If you want to learn how to master digital coloring, Photoshop can also help you. There are many good reasons to learn this technique with Photoshop. Users can try many […]

How to draw a self-portrait

Self-portraiture is one of the oldest trends in art, and for good reason. Not only can you always pose (if you have a mirror), but there is no better way to practice achieving a likeness than with the face you are most familiar with. Let’s go over some tips about drawing a self-portrait. Avoid drawing only from photos The best […]

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