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How do I get to Berning Man and where is it located?

How do I get to Berning Man and where is it located?

Once a year, in the middle of the American Black Rock Desert in Nevada, Burning Man happens.  Burning Man is a festival of freedom, creativity, and self-expression. It is created amidst the sands by the participants themselves, and by their own hands everything is literally destroyed to ashes.

“Burning Man” begins on the last Sunday in August and lasts for 8 days.

The modern-day Burning Man festival is a city officially called Black Rock City. It even has a working mailing address, though it runs one week a year. In addition to its post office and radio station, the city has 70,000 residents, thousands of themed camps, hundreds of art installations, plenty of mutant cars, dance floors and bars.

The ring streets, unlike the radial ones, have their own name, different every year, except for the main street of the inner ring, it is always Esplanade.

The entire infrastructure of the city is provided by volunteers.

Why go to Berning Man?

Why, who, and should you even go to Burning Man? This is a normal question for people who are hearing about this desert event for the first time.

At Burning Man, everyone can find something they’ve been missing in their normal lives.

Some go to yoga,

some go for a morning run,

and some go to an orgy camp

or a naked bar bike ride.

You absolutely voluntarily get involved in the processes that interest you.

Everyone tries it on themselves: are they ready to “get out of the context of everyday life” and go halfway across the world to survive for a week in the desert? In fact, very few people are willing to do that.

The 10 principles of the Berning Man are.

1. Everyone’s Involvement. Everyone can be a part of Berning Man. Every stranger is welcome here and lives without prejudice.

2. Giving. At the heart of Burning Man is the act of giving. The value of the gift is not important. Gift-giving does not imply return or exchange for something of similar value.

3. the absence of commercialism. To keep the spirit of giving alive, our community strives to create a social environment free of commercial sponsorship, transactions or advertising. We defend our culture against such exploitation. We insist on replacing consumption with creative participation.

4. Radical belief in ourselves. Burning Man inspires people to discover, improve, and trust their inner resources.

5. Radical self-expression. Only you determine the boundaries of your self-expression, and no one has the right to stop you as long as you don’t stop him.

6. Working Together. Our community values collaboration and cooperation. We strive to create, support, and defend social formations, public spaces, artworks, and methods of communication.

7. Civic Responsibility. We value civil society. Event organizers and members accept responsibility for public safety and for following local, state, and federal laws.

8. Leave No Trace. A city in the desert must disappear without a trace after a week. The Burners take care of the environment: all trash is taken away with them.

9. Participation. The creators of the festival are convinced that big changes are possible thanks to the deep involvement of every participant. Join any work or game – you will always be welcome. Passive observation is not about Burning Man!

10. Directness. Direct experience is one of the most important tenets of our culture. We strive to overcome the barriers that separate us from understanding our inner self, the reality that surrounds us, and to be in contact with nature, which multiplies the powers of man (perhaps superior – I don’t know exactly). No idea can replace this experience.


Understanding how everything is organized without immersing yourself in the subject is really very difficult. In general, the process of buying a ticket can be compared with FIFA. Tickets are sold by lottery principle, plus, it is always possible to find them from “resellers” or from the organizers of the camp.

The official website of the event, register and catch the moment tickets are on sale. Standard tickets cost $210, but to buy them, you actually have to win the lottery among those who want them. The raffle prize is the opportunity for redemption.

And in general, tickets are sold in several stages, for each stage you must first register, then the sale opens at a designated hour. At that time, you go to your profile, click “Buy Ticket” and wait for your turn. And you can also shell out $1,400 apiece at once, no raffle, but the number of tickets is still limited.

black rock city burning man

Here are the basic stages of selling tickets to Berning Man:

Fomo-Sale (pre-sale): 4,000 tickets priced at $1400 tax-free. Ticket sales begin in March.

Low Income Ticket Program (low value tickets): 4,500 tickets at $210. For those who can’t afford regular tickets. You must apply in advance and provide proof of income and expenses. Runs from February through April.

Main Sale: 20,000 tickets at $475 without taxes, with taxes of about $550. Ticket sales will begin in April.

OMG Sale (“god-awful” sale): 3,000 tickets at $550 tax-free. Goes on three weeks before the start of the festival.

If you’re going to the festival by car, bus or motorhome, you’ll also need to buy a vehicle pass for it, which costs $140 tax-free.

Because tickets for Berning Man usually sell out within the first 20 minutes of the sale, many people have to buy tickets off-hand. The reasons people give for parting with tickets vary, mostly “I wanted to go, but circumstances changed” and rarely a desire to make money. Despite the fact that the demand is huge, the Burner community as a whole decent people and sell tickets at cost.

How to get there?

The closest city with an airport to the festival location is Reno. There are direct flights to Reno from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Seattle, New York, and generally from other cities in America. It is possible to combine perfectly with other travel in America and focus on direct Aeroflot flights to the United States. The deciding factor should not be the number of flight hours to Burning Man, but the type of transportation you will use to get to the desert.

Before going to Burning Man you should take care of everything you might need. And if you don’t have anything, don’t count on money: it is only used to pay for coffee and ice. Everything else is a gift. In this case, there is no expectation that you will constantly receive gifts – the task is rather to learn to treat things easier and find opportunities to give something nice to strangers.