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Review of the 7 best graphics editors

Review of the 7 best graphics editors


The GIMP is a free graphics editor for photos and other raster images as well as vector graphics. The program is successfully used in the production of logos, for color correction of photos, design using layering of graphic images. The software can remove sections of the picture and convert between different types of files with graphics in rgb cmyk palettes. In addition, the free picture editor is open-source, so many users with knowledge of basic programming will adapt the program for their own needs. 

The key features of The GIMP Editor:

A comprehensive set of drawing tools (pencil, brush, clones, etc.);

Parallel processing of multiple open digital images;

Transformation tools (rotation, tilt, scale, reflection);

Textual editing of layers at the expense of alpha-channels;

Batch processing, filters, exposure;

Animated graphics in MNG format;

Saving the history of digital images.

Graphical editor GIMP – free program for graphic design, a worthy alternative to the costly editor Adobe Photoshop. A few confusing interface set of windows can disorient a beginner, but get used to the system, the user will appreciate the enormous potential of the program raster and vector graphics. If you can’t get used to it, you can always download Photoshop and pay for it every month.

Movavi Photo Editor

Movavi Photo Editor is probably the best semi-professional raster-based editor. It doesn’t support working with layers, doesn’t allow you to draw mediocre graphics with special brushes, and is not adapted for a graphics tablet. But the tool fully meets the needs of the average user, a photography enthusiast, obscenely easy to use, bought once and for all, unlike the “subscription” software. The application is unique in its segment. Even beginners can edit images with it.

Advantages of Movavi Photo Editor:

High quality processing combined with a simple interface;

Animated tips for complex operations with examples;

Manual and automatic corrections for the user’s choice;

An abundance of fine image adjustments;

Dozens of filters, effects and profiles;

Sophisticated retouching tools down to the smallest elements of appearance;

An honest monetization system.

As you might have guessed by now, Movavi photo editor is times cheaper than FSH, easier to use than the free Gimp, but more functional than Paint.NET, Photoscape and other close counterparts. This is a graphics editor designed for solving “everyday” tasks such as color correction, adjusting contrast, brightness, cropping, retouching, overlaying effects, removing unnecessary objects, background, adding text. Any work is done in two clicks, there is also a mode of automatic improvement, showing very good results.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a professional raster-based image editor that deserves to be called the leader among paid programs. Its rich functionality provides space for implementing creative ideas. Graphic editing is carried out in an ultra-precise mode, and every pixel in the image can be processed. Tools for editing digital photos in PS allows you to play three-dimensional projects and two-dimensional graphics.

Characteristic features of Adobe Photoshop:

Saving the finished object in PSD format (provides lossless digital image compression);

Processing of bitmap images, editing with convenient tools of the toolbar;

Improved, convenient, in comparison with analogues, the user interface;

Super smart scaling, advanced mouse, keyboard control tools;

Pixel-by-pixel creation and editing by hyper-zooming individual elements of the picture in high definition;

High speed processing provides support for 64-bit processors;

Convenient mode of viewing the photo collection and storage of images (in the form of mosaics or tabs).

Adobe Photoshop is an extremely powerful raster graphics editor for professionals and power users. It allows you to do miracles of design art, retouch photos, perform color correction, transformation of graphic elements, create collage, color separation and other operations. A large set of editing tools and the highest productivity promotes the program in the top tools for computer graphics.

PixBuilder Studio

PixBuilder Studio is a free graphic editor for modifying photos and other images of a wide range of actions, creating polygraphic products. The functionality of the application is designed for professionals who perform tasks of high complexity. The free program contains a full collection of photo editing tools, duplicates a significant number of functions of expensive counterparts.

Key features of PixBuilder Studio:

Color correction: changing brightness, color levels, balance and the use of gradient;

Support for the layer blending function;

Orientation on the pixel grid for easier work and finding the coordinates of the center;

Saving a long history of the graphic editor’s operations;

Completion with a variety of filters;

Tools for transforming and generating bitmap images;

Separate function panel: stamp, treating brush, cloning, picture rotation, drawing a line, polygon and other shapes;

Support for popular formats: png, jpeg, gif;

User-friendly interface.

PixBuilder Studio – easy to use free digital image processing program, available in Russian. Many useful options open up a rich perspective for home photo design. Quality collages, special effects on photos – not all the possibilities of the utility. Try to estimate it yourself.


Photoscape is a graphic editor for viewing and processing images, three-dimensional graphics in batch mode. The free program is equipped with auxiliary filters that modernize the pictures, giving them the effect of wind, oil, waves, granulation and blurring. It is also very convenient to view photos and form collections.

Photoscape program functionality:

JPG and RAW file conversion;

Simultaneous work with many digital images;

Creation of an animated picture from several in gif format;

Options: size adjustment, cropping, brightness, saturation and color balance control, mosaic mode;

Photo divider into parts;


Screen Capture (creating and saving screenshots).

Photoscape is an ideal tool for processing photos and then laying them out on online photo repositories, blogs and photo albums. The free photo creation program in its latest version includes an extensive set of tools, an improved interface and a package of 29 movie effects.


DigiKam is a full-featured cross-platform graphics editor. It was created to conveniently and efficiently process, edit photos on your computer. The product will help to correct the image, apply a variety of filters, change the brightness of contrast, optimize the quality, perform cropping, impose figures, adjust the colors, shadows, textures, add text, etc.

Particular attention should be paid to the way images are presented. DigiCam has a special cataloger, similar to Adobe’s well-known product, Photoshop Lightroom. With it, you can quickly find any of your photos and form a collection, tag certain of your photos with tags, etc.


Allows you to crop, glue images, resize;

Ability to edit the defects of illustrations, canvas;

You can add text, photo effects, three-dimensional models of geometric shapes;

Lots of built-in textures, templates, masks and other content to help you process photos;

Easily adjustable color depth via curved levels on your computer screen;

Photo Studio allows you to combine folders with dozens of images into directories and tag individual photos.

The program deserves attention not only as a pretty good graphics editor for Windows 10. The development team also releases Linux and MacOS versions of digiKam. And they are clearly winning over the competition: Seashore, KolourPaint, Pinta, based on Paint Net source code.


PhotoInstrument – a powerful raster digital photo editor that produces productive image processing. The program is equipped with unique tools and effects that are inherent in expensive systems.

The key features of the photo editor PhotoInstrument:

A variety of functions: blurring, sharpening, cloning, plastic, simulated glow;

Correction of color perception: lightening/darkening, brightness, toning, color levels;

Red-eye removal;

Modifying graphics (cutting, scaling, rotating);

Cleaning the picture from noise, a good algorithm for compressing file size;

Skin cleanser that supports a large number of colors.

PhotoInstrument is an easy-to-understand graphic editor for novice photo designers. A short video tutorial allows you to quickly get used to the process of correcting digital photos. The multilingual interface, with a Russian version available, makes the utility universal.

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Artweaver is a free graphics editor for processing digital photos, complete with a large package of artistic effects. In the paid version, the editing tools, such as the brush, have improved settings and filters. Available for use are charcoal, chalk, pencil, acrylic, oil or sponge effects. Filters allow you to make blurry images, wind effect, wave effect, granulation and more.

Key features of the Artweaver editor:

Importing and exporting graphics in formats: bmp, png, jpg, gif, jpe, icb, pcx, jpeg, tga, vst, awd and tiff;

Standard editing tools;

Tools for separating layers and transparency;

Useful features: “dropper” and “gradient”;

Multilingual interface;

Text Layer Editor.

Artweaver is a raster image editor that provides better support for tablets and the ability to expand the program’s potential with plugins.


PicPick – originally, a handy tool for taking screenshots, now knows how to process them, and its functionality can envy even such well-known programs as Photo Pos Pro, Pixia, LightBox Free Image Editor. PikPik can work not only with screenshots but also with any other image. It will help you add captions, shapes, delete unnecessary text, adjust color settings, correct flaws in the photo or fillings, detail the visual design, print your publication on photographic paper (if your printer supports it) or send it directly to Facebook, put it on Dropbox, Google Drive, or send it via email.

PicPick features:

A well-known program gives the user the ability to create and process images;

Support for screen capture is implemented, the resulting import file can be not only edited, but also converted;

It is easy to change the color, contrast, type and font thickness of captions made on the picture;

To get beautiful images, you can apply a mask, effect, play with the details of design;

The process of editing images as easy as possible, there is a quick publication of the result in social networks.

A specialized program designed to create and process bitmap images is available absolutely free of charge. However, if you want to receive updates, get rid of ads and contact technical support, you will have to buy it through the official website of the program.