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The best programs for creating collages from photos

The best programs for creating collages from photos

In this review we decided to look at programs for creating collages from photos, with which you can generate a collection of photos into an interesting composition, postcard, poster, photo mosaic, poster or picture.

Collage programs have different settings and options, expanding the possibilities of creating work, processing each photo, making the project unique and bright by using interesting special effects, filters and details.

Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard download

This utility easily creates a beautiful mosaic of pictures and photos. The working principle is the chaotic arrangement of selected elements, which when distanced look like a background, and when approached show a hundred photos. Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard creates unusual posters and pictures, works with material of different formats and has various editing settings for correcting mosaics and selecting the necessary parameters. The trial version is active for 30 days.

Movavi Photo Editor download

Quality application for fast processing, retouching, applying special effects and photo editing. Movavi Photo Editor allows you to quickly edit and correct your photos, remove unnecessary items, work with specific elements in the photo, apply captions and effects. There is also a screenshot wizard, background settings, export your work to the Internet and a before/after mode. The free version puts a watermark on the project.

Fotor download

This graphics software works with images of different formats, conducts their editing, processing and optimal adjustment. In just a couple of minutes you can change the color scheme, adjust the focus, add a frame or text to your work, apply effects and improve the quality with the help of fast algorithms. In Fotor you can apply batch processing, create collages, change the temperature of the photo, set the resolution of the object, retouch selfies and customize templates.

Photoscape download

Quality photo editor for correcting photos, creating collages, gifs and screenshots. Great progah allows not only to edit the material, but also to convert RAW, work with layers, adjust the size of the original objects, to impose frames and text on the work. Photoscape edits graphics, mixes photos, creates business cards, applies effects, removes “red-eye”, retouches and has drawing tools.

Picasa download

Google’s product for editing, finding, viewing and printing pictures. The program finds existing images on your computer and with advanced options can retouch, apply effects, create slideshows or collages. In the built-in editor, you can remove red-eyes, enhance the picture, crop, adjust color and shadow, and align the object. Picasa also features a photo organizer and photo editor for “uploading” to the web.

CollageIt download

Specialized software for creating interesting collages from hundreds of photos. It is not difficult to work and allows you to easily select photos for the project, the way they are arranged, the background, size and shadows. CollageIt also lets you add frames, move photos around, edit the grid template, export the project to different formats, send it for printing and to social networks. The utility puts a watermark on the work and has an English-language localization.

Collagerator download

A quality generator of collages and photo mosaics from multiple images with the ability to adjust the background, shadows, frames, elements and templates. Collagerator forms bright projects of different sizes from an unlimited number of photos, has settings for the desired arrangement of pictures on the grid, changes the background, frames and shadows. The software allows you to export collages to convenient graphics formats, select their size and send them for printing.

PhotoMix Collage download

The program easily forms beautiful collages and calendars from your photos with algorithmic controls, a large selection of templates, a useful editor and quality tools. PhotoMix Collage has “drag-n-drop” function, works with different formats, processes each picture separately, can add frames and elements to your work, work with layers, perform auto-alignment and color correction.

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TurboCollage download

Simple and functional software for creating unusual collages and original postcards from photos. The utility has a variety of presets and interesting special effects, imposes shadows, frames and text, exports to different formats and generates classic works. Turbo collage adds photos to the grid and distributes them chaotically on the substrate, and the user can adjust each picture and change the location. The software puts a watermark on the work.

Picture Collage Maker Free download

An interesting solution for generating colorful collages, posters, calendars, albums and cards from photo cards. Has dozens of ready-made templates and tools for quick and easy creation of works. Collage Maker is suitable for beginners and those who need a simple task solution program. The software has different masks, frames, cliparts and palettes, can change the size and orientation of the canvas. It has an English-language, but simple and clear interface.